Cajuns, Creoles and Culture

Last February  we spent two amazing weeks in Louisiana. Everyday but one we got up early and went out fishing. We had an amazing time walking the beaches and filling up on the impeccable food. I got to cast my rod out into the ocean. I have hooked into the biggest fish I have ever seen, a seagull and a few stingrays. Dolphins come up so close that if not on a high bridge I could have reached out and felt their shiny bodies. We even watched as a kayaker was followed by a group of the curious creatures. But the on the best day I got to fulfill a dream I had had since doing a report in middle school. I got to walk the streets of New Orleans. From art galleries to street performers. Each of the eclectic shops and restraunts was

a whole different experience. New Orleans is filled with so much culture and life!! I was blown away by all the amazement this city had to offer and coming home was hard! I have never seen so many crowds that were filled with diversity and acceptance. Everyone we talked to was so kind and genuine. Though I have yet to witness the night life of Bourbon Street and the surrounding community, I can only imagine the whole new life form it takes on. If you ever have the opportunity to visit…I promise you will go home enlightened and excited. Did I mentioned the mouth watering food??

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