Real is Beauty

So I first had the idea of this blog when one of my little sisters was bullied and made fun of over social media.My little sister is human, and with that comes mistakes. Despite that, she has done some amazing things, like giving hours and money to hold a fundraiser for a little girl near and dear to her who fought cancer. I hope my sister knows just how amazing and beautiful she is. Sam, you are loved beyond words and I am so proud of you!!

I had put together a small project of people doing what they love and with people they love, the things that truly make them beautiful.

Everyone has good in them, some may have to dig deeper, but I assure it’s there. Don’t let others put a value on your soul. Only you can do that.

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  1. Carla Barrow says:

    Way to go Kasie! I look forward to see more of your encouraging posts! Real is Beauty but Beauty is Real when you are awake to seeing the Goodness in ALL people and building individuals up instead of tearing the down. Love this, Love you!


    1. myrealhappy says:

      I love you too!! I’m really excited about it!!


  2. Gwendolyn Kirkwood says:

    Love it Kassie! Bullying is real and it hurts. I have had a couple of my children experience it, because they have Tourette Syndrome.


    1. myrealhappy says:

      It’s very hard and something that can’t be undone.


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